Thursday, March 12, 2015

Let It Go

High above treetops, two eagles soar.
Looking deeply into each other's eyes, they lock talons together.
Twisting around, simpatico, they plummet down spiraling toward the earth below.
In wild abandon, they're intertwined, while spinning down. 
Just before reaching impact, they release and begin to soar through the air again together.
It is an awe-inspiring sight.

Meanwhile, on the ground, chickens are rolling around together in the dirt. 
They eat scraps off of the ground including their own eggs and feces.
They do not glide through the air together in a magestic mating ritual. 
It is not a beautiful thing to watch chickens wallow in their own wastes.

We celebrate people for their anger. 
We see anger as a strength. 
In reality, it takes more strength to forgive than it takes to be angry.
Forgiveness is a big idea.

Whatever happened in your past, you've got to shake it off. 
Keep moving forward.
It is not worth it to allow your past to abort your future.

Forgiveness is about liberating the victim.
Forgiveness is not agreeing with the perpetrator. 
You cannot keep giving them the power of unforgivingness over you.

Cut yourself loose.

You cannot reach out for your destiny with both arms if you are holding on to your past with both hands.

The score isn't even. 
But, you need to let it go.

Don't reach back behind you when your destiny is ahead of you. 
You were not designed to carry the weight that belongs to someone else.
You were not designed to hold on to stress. 
You have to let it go for yourself, not for them.
It's not about them.
You have to let go so that you can survive.
Get rid of the pain and toxic wastes.

You are not powerless, you are powerful.

Unforgivingness does not hurt the enemy, it hurts you.

You've gone as far as you could go with the weight that you've been carrying.
You've been tormented by the memories and scars that repeat the same words, the same scenes, and the same incidents— over and over again.

Think about your life over the past few years.
You've been flapping around flying up and down, but never really going anywhere.
You've floated through some stuff that you never should've been going through. 

While the chicken is eating waste off the ground, an eagle is soaring through the sky.
An eagle soars over mountains and obstacles in the way.
Don't have the chicken mentality. 
You don't have to eat excrement off of the ground.
Be the eagle, fly.

Your attitude directly affects your altitude.

Embrace your destiny.
Don't flutter away on the ground.
You've got a creative soul trying to get out.
You are not a chicken, you are an eagle destined for a higher level.

You've got the courage to let go of whatever it is that's holding you down.
It's time to spread your wings.
Have faith and believe that there are far more important things ahead than what's left behind.

Nobody knows the weight you've had to carry but you.
You're going to face your destiny much lighter than what you were when you came into it. 

There is liberty in setting yourself free.

Make a decision to face life with a good attitude even if you're going through a tough time.

Let it go. 
Be the eagle, soar high.

TroyMarcyPhotography.Com Flickr Images