Monday, February 23, 2015

empty vessel

You were birthed into a toxic environment—
Surrounded by unbelief and fear.
You are a ship without an anchor.
Nothing holds you.
Nothing keeps you.
You are adrift and headed nowhere.
You have no compass;
No sense of direction.
You don't listen to your hull.
Without keel, you lose your balance.
You veer off sideways—
Losing depth and weight
Feeling the tide of push and pull.
Your masts have no sail.
You've lost the ability to propel.
There's plenty of room, but you can't breathe.
The wind never picks you up off your feet.
Lack of air results in no drag and no lift.
You have no driving force.
You can't see your full potential— your gifts.
You are open to the elements—
And the elements change as you drift.
You are deaf and blind—
Lost in the midst.
While drifting, you are a danger;
You put everyone at risk.
You've got the potential to run aground.
Off course, you are headed for a wreck.
If you do, you might break apart.
You are limp and wounded.
You have no capacity for sympathy—
And what you want is empathy.
You've lost heart.
Your joy and peace dried up.
You are an empty vessel—
Afloat in a sea of regret.
The day you lost your vision for a future, you stopped living.
You want help with your debt.
You think you need somebody.
But, you don't need anybody.
You are the body—
Only you can fix it.
Your life is not over.
You don't need to feel so empty.
You can pray.
You can meditate.
Find your your passion and your purpose.
Re-evolve— reposition yourself.
Change is eminent
Sailing in the light of day.

Photo credit: Unknown
I do not own the photo. No infringement intended.