Sunday, November 30, 2014

Our Last November

I thought I heard the sound of heaven
reaching down touching earth.
All of the angels were singing 
and mourning came rushing over me.
Like an ocean opening up lifting her voice, waves were pounding.

My heart stopped when I read your name
and my soul was left in longing.

The chill from this wind is sober.
It feels like November just got colder
and that last teardrop was disguised as freezing rain.
I'm shaken as I wipe my brow and feel this pain.

I watched your luminous face, like a rainbow quickly fading, 
disappear into a breath of God.

You are a page I cannot turn from a book
left unfinished and it hurts to look
at a beautiful poem that could never again be read
with words that will never be said.
I shall live with that regret.

You were just here yesterday
when I felt your warmth like the sun kiss my face.

I wish I could've kept you here in this place.
I would tell you how much you've meant to me,
I love you, and that I will remember 
our big snowy hill, those old dirt roads, and our last November.

Angela's Photo: A place where she liked to go be alone and pray.

This poem was written in remembrance of my sweetest friend Angela who passed away yesterday, November 29, 2014.

I will never forget.